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Wine Tasting at La Caille

In the Winery and Restaurant

Wine tasting in the Winery is conducted by appointment only Monday through Thursday between 11:00am and 4:00pm

Please call 801-937-6909

Wine tasting in the restaurant is conducted by appointment only, available every night at 5:30pm and during the day Saturday and Sunday from 11:00am to 2:00pm

Please call 801-942-1751

We are proud to offer 4 Chateau La Caille Wines for tasting including Pinot Noir, Choix Évident, Cabernet Sauvignon and our very own estate-grown wine Seyval Blanc.

Château La Caille

The Wine

Our magnificent estate vineyard was planted in 1986 with Seyval Blanc and is located at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon at an elevation of 5,350 feet above sea level.

The early morning sunlight is unobscured by the mountains due to the location of the vineyard at the mouth of the canyon, allowing the vines to enjoy the sunlight from early morning to late in the evening.


The soils of the vineyard are composed of glacial deposits, which combined with the gentle slope provide excellent drainage for the for the vines’ root systems.

During the ripening stage, the high altitude provides the necessary low nighttime temperature which allows the grapes to ripen slowly. This enables the vines to produce fully matured, well balanced grapes, therefore retaining their natural varietal fruit flavors and natural acidity. 


Ed Primosic 

Vineyard Manager

Edward brings his vast knowledge of operations to the Vineyard to help maintain a smooth and plentiful harvest each year. 

Mike Marron


MIke has been making wine from Salt Lake Valley Grapes since he was 19 years old, his expertise has brought Chateau La Caille to a  new level of excellence.

Meet the Staff


Dedicated to making classic wines that reflect the unique character and quality of the vineyards, we strive to understand the needs and opportunities presented by each specific microclimate. By approaching each vineyard block individually, our goal is to harvest when the flavors have reached their peak and the tannins are at their softest.


Bernie protects the Winery.


Sales & Marketing

Shannon conducts tastings, assists with pruning, harvesting and bottling each year as well as directing the Lodging operations at La Caille.


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